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Mic Preamp Application Schematics

App # Title
  AS016 Standard Microphone Preamp Input Circuitry
  AS017 JT-13K6-C in Simple One IC Stage Mic Preamp
  AS018 JT-16-A in Single Stage Low-Noise IC Mic Preamp
  AS019 JT-16-A in Single Stage Mic Preamp with Two DC Servos
  AS020 JT-115K-E Tube Microphone Preamp Generic Input Stage
  AS047 Two JT-115K-E used in Symmetrical Mic Input Stage
  AS049 JT-MB-D Converts 600 Ohm Unbal. Mic to 150 Ohm Balanced Mic Line
  AS054 JT-115K-E Cascode Tube Microphone Input Stage
  AS055 JT-MB-D Passive Stereo Matrix for M-S Mic Technique
  AS082 IC Mic Preamp uses Jensen Twin-Servo Circuit Topology
  AS083 Famous Twin-Servo 990 Mic Preamp Basic Circuit

Line Input Application Schematics

App # Title
  AS005 JT-11P-1 Receiver for Very Long Line Applications
  AS035 JT-MB-C in Low Noise, High Isolation Line Receiver for Low-Z Sources
  AS060 JT-11P-1 as “Phase Splitter” with Symmetrical Outputs
  AS072 Additional RFI Protection for Line Input Circuits
  AS087 JT-11P-1 Generic Tube Line Input Stage
  AS088 JT-11P-1 Balanced Tube Line Input Stage
  AS089 JT-11P-1 Balanced XLR Input to Unbalanced RCA Output

Line Output Application Schematics

App # Title
  AS021 JT-10K61-1M Line Driver uses Push-Pull Vacuum Tube “Cascode Follower”
  AS022 Simple 0 to 24 dB Gain Amplifier and Balanced Line Driver
  AS023 20 dB Amplifier and High Current Balanced Line Driver
  AS024 12 dB Amplifier and High Current Line Driver with DC Servo
  AS025 JT-123-S Line Driver with Feedback Around the Transformer
  AS026 JT-11-BM + JT-990-C = Ultra-High Performance Output Stage
  AS027 JT-10KB-D + JT-990-C + JT-11-BM = Ultra-High Performance Line Driver
  AS029 JT-10KB-D + JT-990-C + JT-123-BL = 50 Ohm Long Line Driver
  AS030 JT-11-BM High Level Differential IC Output Stage with DC Servo
  AS031 JT-11-BM High Level High Current Differential Output Stage with DC Servo
  AS033 Low Noise version of High Level Output Stage in 1031
  AS034 JT-123-BL High Level Low Impedance Differential Output Stage with DC Servo
  AS051 JT-123-S Differential Line Driver with Feedback Around the Transformer
  AS056 JT-11-YZPC in Unbalanced Long Line Driver/Isolator
  AS079 High Output Line Driver for Single Ended Power Supply

General Interface Application Schematics

App # Title
  AS001 JT-11P-1 Unbalanced Automotive or Consumer Application
  AS002 JT-11P-1 Conversion of Unbalanced Input to Balanced
  AS003 JT-11P-1 Upgrade of “Active Balanced” Input to Transformer Balanced
  AS008 JT-DB-E “Direct Box” for Very High Level Signals
  AS009 JT-11SSP-6M Low-Z Line Isolator with Termination Switch
  AS010 JT-11SSP-6M 600 Ohm Line Isolation Application
  AS011 JT-11SSP-6M 150 Ohm Line to 600 Ohm Load Application
  AS012 JT-10KB-D & JT-6110K-B “Pro” to “Consumer” Interfaces
  AS036 JT-11-DM Basic “Hum Stopper” Transformer Isolation Box
  AS041 JT-10KB-D used in Line Level 2-Way “Splitter/Isolator”
  AS042 JT-11P-1 used as Unbalanced Polarity Inverter
  AS046 JT-11SSP-6M Universal Patchbay Isolation Application
  AS052 JT-11-DM Converts Unbalanced Output to Balanced
  AS053 Dual JT-MB-C Microphone Combining Circuit
  AS059 JT-6110K-B Isolates “70 Volt” Line and Converts to Line Level
  AS065 JT-11SSP-6M Passive Stereo Matrix for M-S Mic Technique
  AS068 JT-10KB-D Isolates and Converts Speaker Drive to Line Level
  AS077 JT-11SSP-6M Bi-directional Lo-Z Long Line Application
  AS080 Stereo to Mono Combiner for Balanced Systems
  AS078 JT-DB-E Converts Consumer Stereo Inputs to Mono Balanced Mic Output
  AS081 JT-10KB-D & JT-DB-E Provide “J-Box” Consumer to Studio Interfaces
  AS090 JT-6110K-B Converts High Impedance Input to X10 Balanced Audio Input
  AS094 JT-11SSP-6M in Wheatstone Bridge Stereo to Mono Combiner Circuit
  AS096 JT-DB-E in Ham Radio Line Level to Mic Level Circuit
  AS101 “Alway On” Signal Sensing Subwoofer Mute Circuit

Musical Instrument Application Schematics

App # Title
  AS004 JT-11P-1 Isolates “Phantom Powered” Guitar or Instrument Buffer
  AS007 JT-DB-E Standard Musical Instrument or Synthesizer “Direct Box”
  AS013 JT-11P-1 in 2-Way Passive “Guitar Splitter”
  AS045 JT-11-FL provides Isolated Line Output from Guitar Amplifier
  AS061 JT-11-FL Isolates & Converts Guitar Amp Speaker Out to Line Output
  AS066 JT-DB-E Full-featured “Direct Box” Application Schematic
  AS092 JT-11P-1 Balanced Line Level to Unbalanced Guitar Level
  AS098 JT-DB-E and JT-11P-1 in Piezo Pickup Amplifier Circuit

Equipment Upgrade Application Schematics

App # Title
  AS006 JT-11P-1 Input to Ultra-Analog 20 Bit A/D Converter
  AS015 JT-MB-C Isolates both Mic and Line Inputs of Inexpensive Mixer
  AS037 JT-MB-C “Real” Mic Inputs & Phantom Power for Sony DAT
  AS039 JT-115K-E90 “Sync” Conversion for Magna-Tech 69C Repro Amplifier
  AS043 JT-6110K-B at Input Stage for Crystal A to D Converters
  AS057 JT-MB-C Mic Input Isolation for Mackie Mixers
  AS058 JT-MB-C Modification for Mic Inputs of Mackie 1604 Mixer
  AS062 High CMRR Balanced Interface for Crystal 18 or 20 Bit A/D Converters
  AS063 JT-16-A Improves Performance of SSM2015 Mic Preamp IC
  AS064 JT-16-A Improves Performance of SSM2017 Mic Preamp IC
  AS069 JT-11P-1 Improves CMRR of “Electronically Balanced” Line Inputs
  AS070 JT-MB-C Used to “Phantom” Power the Realistic PZM Mic
  AS073 External Isolation Transformer Box for Mackie (and other) Mixers Eliminates RFI Problems
  AS074 Internal Modification to Mic Inputs of the Mackie 1604 Mixer Eliminates RFI Problems
  AS075 Balanced Line Inputs/Outputs for Silicon Graphics Workstations
  AS076 Using the JT-16-A with “The Country Boy’s Capacitor Microphone”
  AS086 JT-11SSP-6M as Input Transformer for Crystal CS5367 A/D Converter
  AS091 JT-11P-1 / JT-10K61-1M Teletronix LA2A Circuitry Modifications

Miscellaneous Application Schematics

App # Title
  AS032 Build the “Hummer” to Find “Pin 1 Problems” in Equipment
  AS038 Phantom Power Battery Test Circuit
  AS040 Calculating Transformer Related Noise Figure
  AS044 Stereo Headphone Driver uses LM6325 Current Booster
  AS048 Simplified Measurement of Output Impedance
  AS050 High Performance Audio Op-Amp Quick Reference
  AS071 “Anti-RIAA” Equalizer for Line to Mag Phono Converter
  AS085 Proper Grounding Inside Equipment Avoids Ground Noise Coupling (aka “Pin 1 Problems”)