Bill Whitlock, President of Jensen Transformers, speaks regularly on issues related to system interconnection and grounding. His classes at trade shows such as CEDIA and NSCA are some of the most highly rated and most popular classes presented.


Audio Science & Technology Session: “Taming Hum and Buzz in the Studio” With Bill Whitlock

Ever wonder why connecting some laptops cause hum or buzz and others don’t?  Do I need expensive audio cables?  Or an earth ground?  Or a power conditioner?  Someone said I should use a 3-to-2 prong AC plug adapter, is that safe?  Attend this class to answer these questions and more. Learn how to find noise problems with a simple no-equipment test and how to fix them quickly and safely. Bill Whitlock is a recognized system noise expert with decades of experience as an analog circuit designer, inventor, and technical writer.

The presentation is at Winter NAMM 2020 in Anaheim: Thursday January 16th at 1 PM.