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There is nothing more frustrating than finally putting all the pieces of your home theater together, turning it on to watch your favorite movie and…  all of a sudden, you are confronted with a terrible hum. In home audio systems, this is typically caused by the cable TV connection, less than ideal electrical wiring or voltage differentials known as DC offsets that often occur between two pieces of equipment.  You can spend hours hopelessly trouble-shooting or simply insert an Iso-Max ground hum eliminator into the signal path to solve the problem. With a Jensen transformer inside, you can be sure that the signal quality will be maintained without distortion, phase shift or artefact of any kind.


Cable TV - 75 Ω CATV or VHF/UHF capacitive based isolator eliminates audio and video system hum. Wide ‘notch-free’ response will not drop channels. F connectors, compatible with analog and digital cable. Note: this unit will NOT work with satellite systems

  • Primary application:
  • Bandwidth:
  • Insertion loss:
  • VSWR:
  • Standard connector:
  • Isolating cable TV from home AV system
  • 2 MHz to 1300 Mhz
  • 0.19 dB @ 5 Mhz, 0.01 dB @ 50 Mhz
  • < 1.2
  • F

Composite Video - Single channel 75 Ω transformer video isolator eliminates ‘hum bars’ caused by ground loops. Flanged enclosure for easy mounting with BNC or RCA input and output connectors.

  • Primary application:
  • Bandwidth:
  • Insertion loss:
  • CMRR noise rejection:
  • Standard Connectors:
  • CCTV camera isolation
  • 10 Hz to 10 Mhz
  • 0.55 dB
  • 120 dB @ 60 Hz
  • BNC or RCA

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