VB-1BB 75 Ω composite video isolator

The ISO-MAX VB-1BB is a single-channel 75 Ω video isolator for composite (baseband) video that is used to prevent 60 cycle ‘hum bars’ even where ground voltage differences are very large such as in surveillance video systems, night clubs, video walls, broadcast stations, and industrial plants.

  • Eliminates hum bars caused by ground loops
  • Exceptional performance, will not deteriorate picture quality
  • Very high ground isolation: 120 dB CMMR typ at 60 Hz
  • Precise impedance matching ensures minimal reflection

Designed for use with standard RG59 type coaxial cable, the VB-1BB combines true 75 Ω BNC connectors with a custom wound transformer to minimize reflection. The unique design delivers an exceptionally linear bandwidth from 10 Hz to 10 MHz with virtually zero insertion loss. Plug and play easy to use, the VB-1BB features a flanged, electrically isolated housing that is easily mounted on standard 19” rack rails or inside a NEMA enclosure. One simply connects the passive device in series and problems such as ground loops are eliminated, reducing noise by as much as 120 dB.

The VB-1BB is a tremendous time saver as it eliminates excessive trouble-shooting when hunting down sporadic problems. Once installed, it often eliminates future service calls that can be attributed to non-related voltage fluctuations caused by cycling refrigeration systems, power transformers or nearby industrial facilities that may be causing power disruptions.

The Jensen ISO-MAX VB-1BB delivers remarkable video quality without noise, contamination or artifact.


VB-1BB to clean up the picture

The ISO-MAX VB-1BB is the perfect ‘trouble-solving partner’ for baseband video transmission problems. It isolates the source and destination and rids the system of 60 cycle hum bars and other unsightly artifacts that can affect the video quality.

Solving hum bar problems with CCTV

When interfacing a distant camera to a video system, hum in the form of 60 cycle hum bars will often find their way into the picture. The ISO-MAX VB-1BB provides a plug & play solution that eliminates the problem-causing ground currents without affecting the video quality.

Distributing video in large facilities

Distributing video around a large facility can often lead to quality picture problems caused by fluctuating voltage references at various power drops. The ISO-MAX VB-1BB eliminates hours of trouble shooting by isolating the local monitor from disruptive ground currents.


Source Z = load Z = 75 Ω, signal level = 1 V pk-pk unless noted

Insertion loss 10 kHz, test circuit 1 -0.50 dB -0.72 dB -1.00 dB
Differential gain, 3.58 MHz FCC/NTC-7 composite, Tektronix VM700A test set, pk-pk   < 0.02% 0.05%
Differential phase, 3.58 MHz FCC/NTC-7 composite, Tektronix VM700A test set, pk-pk   < 0.02° 0.05°
Luminance non-linearity FCC/NTC-7 composite, Tektronix VM700A test set, pk-pk   < 0.01% 0.02%
Bandwidth LF -3 dB re 10 kHz, test circuit 1   10 Hz 12 Hz
Bandwidth HF -3 dB re 10 kHz, test circuit 1 15 MHz 20 MHz  
Input VSWR 1 kHz to 8 MHz, HP 3577A Analyzer & 35676A R/T test kit   1.20 1.30
Input VSWR 3.58 MHz, HP 3577A Analyzer & 35676A R/T test kit   1.10 1.20
Common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) 60 Hz, test circuit 2 100 dB 120 dB  
Alloable DC bias at input (none allowed at autput, which has 2.6 Ω DC resistance) -1 V ±0 +16 V
Capacitances input to output, 1 kHz   1.94 nF  
Capacitances input or output to case, 1 kHz   35 pF  
Temperature range operation or storage 0°C   70°C
Input to output voltage difference input to output shield or either shield to chassis, 60 Hz     24 V RMS 34 V peak


Frequency Response
Reflection Coefficient
Photo Price Model # Order # Description
$50.00 500-9001 VB-1BB-MRP Rackmount Rail - Used to mount up to five VB-1BBs in a 1-space 19" rack unit. Includes all mounting hardware. More Info

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