DIN-2MS-2P Two chan mic splitter (2x2)

The Iso-Max DIN-2MS-2P is a passive two channel, 2-way mic splitter that lets you take two microphone signals and send them to two different consoles at the same time.

  • Stereo isolator sends two mic signals to two outputs
  • Elimnates hum and buzz caused by ground loops
  • Linear frequency response from 5 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Easy to use DIN rail format for quick installations

The design begins with a gray molded assembly made from UL94-VO flame retardant Noryl that snaps into place onto a standard 35 mm DIN rail for easy installation in a NEMA enclosure. Connections to and from the module are made via removable screw-down wire terminals. Plug and play easy to use, this passive interface does not require any power to work. Inside are two premium Jensen mic bridging transformers equipped with dual faraday internal shields and external MuMETAL® cans. These isolate the mixing console mic inputs, eliminating ground loops while reducing common-mode noise by as much as 130 dB.

Made for the most demanding professionals, the DIN-2MS-2P delivers a ruler flat response from 5 Hz to 50 kHz with less than 2° phase shift at all frequencies. This makes the DIN-2MS-2P ideal for isolating or distributing mic signals in performance venues, broadcast houses and broad scale AV installations.


DIN-2MS-2P Splitting a mic signal

The Jensen DIN-2MS-2P is the perfect interface for splitting a microphone to feed more than one mixer at the same time. 100% isolation eliminates potential ground loops between the two consoles for quiet performance. The main thru-put provides a 48V phantom power return path for condenser mics or active direct boxes.


All levels are output unless noted

Input impedance, Zi 1 kHz, -20 dBu, test circuit 1 1.00 kΩ 1.08 kΩ 1.15 kΩ
Voltage gain 1 kHz, -20 dBu, test circuit 1 -0.90 dB -0.82 dB -0.70 dB
Magnitude response, ref 1 kHz 20 Hz, -20 dBu, test circuit 1 -0.25 dB -0.09 dB ±0.0 dB
Magnitude response, ref 1 kHz 20 kHz, -20 dBu, test circuit 1 -0.25 dB -0.10 dB +0.1 dB
Deviation from linear phase (DLP) 20 Hz to 20 kHz, -20 dBu, test circuit 1   +1.7/-0° ±3.0°
Distortion (THD) 1 kHz, -20 dBu, test circuit 1   <0.001%  
Distortion (THD) 20 Hz, -20 dBu, test circuit 1   0.036% 0.15%
Maximum 20 Hz input level 1% THD, test circuit 1 0 dBu +2.0 dBu  
Common – mode rejection ratio (CMRR) 150 Ω balanced source 60 Hz, test circuit 2   130 dB  
Common – mode rejection ratio (CMRR) 150 Ω balanced source 3 kHz, test circuit 2 80 dB 95 dB  
Optimal cable length input   8 m (26’) 30 m (100’)
Optimal cable length output   30 m (100’) 100 m (300’)
Turns ratio   1:0.999 1:1.000 1:1.001
Temperature range operation or storage 0°C   70°C
Input to Output Voltage Difference* any input to any output shield or any shield to case, 60 Hz     24 V RMS 34 V peak


Phase Distortion (DLP)
Frequency Response
THD vs Level at Low Frequencies
THD vs Frequency at Various Levels
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