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Jensen Iso-Max pro-isolators present a complete range of passive, hum-eliminating solutions for balanced and unbalanced signals where absolute audio performance is required. These feature ultra-wide frequency response, exceptional signal handling (up to +24dB) and immunity to external electromagnetic fields.  Built into an easy-to-install flanged outer shell, each model comes equipped with standard connectors or may be special ordered to suit. Also included is a terminal strip for greater connectivity plus a set & forget bottom-mount dip switch to optimize each setup to suit your specific installation. This makes the Jensen Iso-Max professional ground isolators well suited for broadcast, recording, live touring and the most demanding audio installations.

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Wall-mount Direct Box - Two channel passive multi-media DI converts unbalanced -10 dB consumer level signals to balanced. Variable level control, mono-sum and ground lift. Fits single gang electrical box with Decora® plate.

  • Primary application:
  • Frequency response:
  • Max signal handling:
  • Standard connectors:
  • Converting unbalanced consumer signals to pro
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • +17 dBu
  • RCA and 3.5 mm inputs with plug in screw terminal

Instrument Direct Box - Two channel isolator converts Hi-Z instrument signals to a balanced mic level to interface with PA and recording consoles. Comes standard with 1/4” TRS inputs and XLR-M outputs.

  • Primary application:
  • Frequency response:
  • Max signal handling:
  • CMRR noise rejection:
  • Standard connectors:
  • Optimal cable length:
  • Converting Hi-Z instrument levels to balanced mic
  • < 10 Hz to 100 kHz
  • +22 dBu @ 20 Hz, +25 dBu @ 50 Hz
  • 100 dB @ 60 Hz
  • 1/4” TRS and XLR with plug in screw terminal
  • Output - 30 m (100')

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