DIN-AMP Distribution Amplifier

The Jensen Iso-Max DIN-AMP is a high performance distribution amplifier ideally suited for the AV systems contractor to easily integrate into a 19” rack or Nema enclosure by mounting it onto a standard DIN rail. Connections to and from the DIN-AMP is done via screw-down plug-in terminal eliminating the need for costly connectors.

  • Balanced line level distribution amp with 4 outputs
  • 3 Transformer isolated outputs eliminate ground loops on all 4 outputs.
  • Drive heavy +24dB loads 2500 ft without sagging or distortion
  • Linear from 10Hz to 100kHz with near zero phase deviation

The unique design features the patented InGenius® input stage – an active drive circuit that replicates the noise rejection of a transformer, while providing upwards to 250mA of peak drive current. This enables the Iso-Max DIN-AMP to drive balanced cables upwards to 2500 feet without degradation.  Sonically, there is no rival; the DIN-AMP’s no-coupling capacitor topology delivers an exceptionally linear response from 10Hz to 100kHz while exhibiting less than 0.03% distortion at +24dB. This is augmented with a Jensen transformer on three of the four outputs to isolate the source and destination preventing ground loops that often plague large scale system designs.   Each output features an individually adjustable level control with up to +13dB of gain plus an input level sensing circuit with LED overload indicator.


DIN - AMP Specifications (unless otherwise noted, power is ±18 VDC from DIN-PS18, gain is set at unity, input is 600 ohm source, output level is 0 dBu, output load is 10 kohm, and all specifications apply to all outputs):

Input impedance, Zi 1 kHz, 0 dBu input (nominal 48 kΩ and 250 pF in parallel) 40 kΩ 45 kΩ 50 kΩ
Voltage Gain 1 kHz, 0 dBu input -12.2 dB 0 dB +13.7 dB
Input noise rejection (CMMR) Balanced, 60 Hz or 3 kHz, per IEC 60268-3 70 dB 90 dB  
Input noise rejection (CMMR) Unbalanced, 60 Hz or 3 kHz   70 dB  
Magnitude response, ref 1 kHz 20 Hz, ref 1 kHz -0.2 dB -0.02 dB ±0.0 dB
Magnitude response, ref 1 kHz 20 kHz, ref 1 kHz -0.2 dB ±0.0 dB +0.2 dB
Deviation from linear phase (DLP) 20 Hz to 20 kHz   +1/-0° ±2.0°
Bandwidth LF -3 dB, ref 1 kHz   0.3 Hz  
Bandwidth HF -3 dB, ref 1 kHz   230 kHz  
Distortion (THD) 1 kHz, +4 dBu output, 10 kΩ on 600 Ω load   <0.001%  
Distortion (THD) 20 Hz, +4 dBu output, 10 kΩ on 600 Ω load   0.03% 0.10%
Maximum output level 20 Hz, 1% THD, 10 kΩ output load +23 dBu +24 dBu  
Output noise floor Gain at min, NBW 22 Hz – 22 kHz, A-weighted   -106 dBu  
Output noise floor Gain at max, NBW 22 Hz – 22 kHz, A-weighted   -89 dBu  
Output impedance, Zo 1 kHz 38 Ω 40 Ω 42 Ω
Output loading loss 1 kHz, level drop with load change from 10 kΩ to 600 Ω   -0.55 dB  
Output clip warning (red LED) Threshold level (input and output stages monitored)   +23 dBu  
Output loading loss On time (to make brief clipping easily visible)   0.5 sec  
Output clip warning (red LED) 1 kHz, all outputs 600 Ω loaded and driven to clip point   60 mA  
Temperature range operation or storage 0°C   45°C
Breakdown voltage* primary or secondary to shield and case, 60 Hz, 1 minute test duration 250 V RMS    
Photo Price Model # Order # Description
$45.00 DIN-MRP 400-9000 19 inch Rack Mounting Panel DIN-MRP 3RU Rack Panel Mounting Adaptor More Info
$9.99 DIN Rail 400-9001 Standard DIN rail - 35 x 432 mm steel for mounting DIN modules More Info

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